"To create a groundswell of grassroots support for tax and monetary policies that will deliver real economic growth and prosperity for the 100% and create a real mandate to LEAD!"


Maintaining a stable, reliable dollar is key to strong growth and full employment. The more complex the economy, the more it must rely on a fixed standard of measure. The Federal Reserve must stop treating income growth of the bottom 90% as inflationary and battling wage growth with higher interest rates.


Jobs follow investment. Unfortunately the United States has a tax bias that ships jobs overseas. Our exports leave this country with the full cost of our tax code embedded in the cost structure, putting products made here at a competitive disadvantage. We must level the playing field.

The Lowrie Letter

A Kemp-Roth Leadership Litmus Test

In 1977, Democrats had a 149-seat majority in the House (292-143), 61 votes in the Senate, and Jimmy Carter as president. The country was in decline. It was the worst economy since the Depression, far worse than it is today. The mainstream economists and the DC establishment were woefully unable to deal with the defining issue of that era: inflation. If there was ever a time to despair, it was then.

Jack Kemp, serving just his 4th term, didn’t sit on a committee relevant to economic policy, yet is the namesake of the most consequential (in a positive way) legislation in perhaps 50 years. Kemp proposed across the board tax cuts, knowing a surging economy would help tame inflation.[1]  Kemp was not deterred by the Democrat’s stronghold, nor fazed by the establishment saying his views were outside the mainstream. What did he do? How did he do it?[2] And, importantly, what can we learn that is relevant to the selection of the next Speaker of the House?

  • Attempt #1: February 23, 1977

Kemp offered his "across-the-board tax reduction for every American" as a substitute to the first budget resolution for...

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Today, there are a lot of ideas out there concerning economic growth and how it can happen. We have our own take, one that we know works.

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So, what is our best option get more growth-producing capital investment?

In nature, a seed must be fertilized in a climate conducive to growth. In our economy, the seeds are entrepreneurial ideas (virtually unlimited), the fertilizer is capital, and the climate conducive to growth is a restrained federal government. What’s standing in the way of growth is a wall that separates the people with ideas from the people with capital. This wall consists of a tax code that retards new capital formation and double-taxes any capital that does form. It is reinforced by an unstable monetary system that diverts precious capital from its most productive uses to guard against the chaos caused by a floating dollar. And it’s guarded by regulators who treat the marriage of capital and ideas as an anti-social act. (To borrow a phrase from Ronald Reagan, we must "Tear down this wall!" Unfortunately, we just added more bricks to it by increasing taxes on income, dividends, and capital gains.)

What problem do you want to solve?

If we can get the Monetary reform we need to get back to a sound dollar and reform a Tax Code that ships jobs overseas we can truly Put Growth First.

When we do that there is virtually no problem we can't solve.

Can we avoid a New Era of Shared Misery?

Under the weak dollar regimes of Bush-Obama we have achieved equality of misery again except for the top 1%. The way to return to strong growth and bring about a second golden age of middle class prosperity is for the Federal Reserve to go back to a single mandate of stabilizing the dollar.

PutGrowthFirst asks its members and supporters to sign a petition of support for HR 1176 a bill which will establish the Centennial Monetary Commission. The Commission represents an effort that might be described as “Audit the Fed - Policy” with the goal of exploring policies the Fed could use to ensure the soundness of the dollar. Click below to learn more.

Centennial Monetary Commission

Can we stop Shipping Jobs Overseas?

Of course we can. It is well known that our tax code is anti-competitive in a global economy. Perhaps the most galling example is our corporate tax rate, the highest of all industrialized nations. To make matters worse, a less visible but more pernicious distortion to the tax code is that, in essence, it double-taxes our own exports and gives a tax advantage to imports over domestic goods. We are the only industrialized country that tilts both playing fields against its own interests. To level the playing field, U.S. companies are forced to invest, locate, produce, and employ elsewhere rather than do so here and export.

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